SD-14220 A Painting Of A Woman In A Bikini And Cape, Fantasy Art, Young Beautiful Amouranth, Long Violet Hair, Dark Sorceress Full View, Realistic Cartoon, Sfw Version, Walking Towards You, Bright Blue Shiny Lingerie, Banshee, Skinny Waist And Thick Hips, inspired by Dorian Cleavenger, Pinup Lord Of Daggers 8×10

$7.99 $3.99

This painting depicts a young, beautiful woman wearing a bright blue bikini and cape with long violet hair. She is walking towards the viewer and has a skinny waist and thick hips. The artwork is a realistic cartoon of a dark sorceress inspired by Dorian Cleavenger, a pinup artist known as the Lord of Daggers. The SFW version is suitable for all audiences.